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Car crashes rank as the 3rd leading cause of injury related death in Queens, New York City, according to, “Motor Vehicle Traffic Injuries Queens County Residents 2005-2007”.queens car accident

In a City with a population of over 8 million residents, not including workers and visitors who commute into and out of the city daily, automobile accidents are almost, unfortunately, commonplace.  There are many different types of cars: sedans, convertibles, coupes, sports, minivans, station wagons, hatchbacks, pickup trucks, SUVs, etc., and many types of trucks from box trucks to tractor-trailers, etc.

It is very important to have a strong and seasoned Queens car accident lawyer who will unabashedly fight for you. A car accident can be a traumatic and troublesome experience.

It can significantly and permanently change your life and affect your finances.  There are many questions and concerns.  Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC, a premier personal injury law firm located in Queens, New York, will help you and you and represent your interests and rights. Whether you or a loved one are involved in a fender bender collision or a cataclysmic crash, as a driver or passenger, we are here for you.  Car crashes are a traumatic experience, and result in injuries of varying degree.  We are highly experienced and knowledgeable car accident lawyers who understand the legal nuisances of car insurance, claims and litigation.  We fight for you!

Head-On Collision Car Accident Lawyer

Head-on collision car accidents are one of the, if not the, most dangerous types of car accidents due to the strong force sustained by both drivers at the moment of impact. While statistics estimate that head-on collisions account for 2% of automobile crashes, they account for over 10% of automobile related fatalities.  A head-on crash due to driving drifts into the oncoming lane, because of say alcohol or drug impairment, can be with remarkable force and impact, causing devastating injuries and death.  Many roadways and roadways with speed limits above 25 mph are separated only by lines.  Driving drifts into the opposite lane of incoming traffic pose significant risk for a high-speed impact with crippling injuries.

Road Rage Car Accident Lawyer

Road rage car accidents, or reckless driving car accidents occur when the driver knowingly and deliberately drives without regard for the safety and well-being of themselves and those around them. Examples include improper or excessive lane changing, improper passing, dangerous speeding, and/or failing to signal intent.  New York City roadways are congested.  The New York City commuter highways to the suburbs (Long Island) and neighboring states (New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania) are likewise traffic jam nightmares.  Drivers nonetheless must retain control over the operation of their vehicles and their tempers.  When faced with an aggressive driver, it is advised to get out of the way, avoid gestures and eye contact, refrain from challenging the driver, and report serious aggressive driving.  It’s simply not worth it.

car accident

High-Speed Collision  Car Accident Lawyer

Excessive speed is a factor in nearly one-third of all fatal car crashes. Driving at high speeds increases the distance required for the vehicle to stop, increases the severity of the crash, increases the likeliness of death and/or serious injuries, and decreases the effectiveness of seat-belts and airbags.  A vehicles momentum is determined by its weight and speed.  Hence a vehicle traveling at a high speed has a greater momentum and higher risk of causing grave damages (to property and person).

Texting While Driving Car Accident Lawyer

Although the dangers of texting while driving are common knowledge, texting and operating handheld devices while driving is now one of the biggest and dangerous distractions for drivers. Our country has witnessed many fatal accidents involving the operation of handheld devices.  States have enacted strict traffic-and-vehicle laws and penalties for texting while driving or using a handheld electronic device.  This unfortunately does not deter some drivers from driving while texting.  This epidemic of texting or using a smart phone while driving poses a real and direct danger to the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyer

Drunk driving car accidents are no accident – they are decisions. We are all well aware of the fatal dangers involved with drunk driving, yet too many of us take the chance thinking we are exempt from the serious reality. Even buzz driving is considered drunk driving.  Drunk driving is a crime, a felony under some jurisdictions and circumstances.  Innocent victims and families of drunk driving crashes are ruined and experience a variety of injuries, from scratches and wounds to paralysis and death, not to mention emotional and mental trauma.  If you have a drink, just don’t drive. Period.

Side-Impact or T-Bone Collision Car Accident Lawyer

Side-impact crashes, otherwise known as t-bone collisions, hold responsibility for approximately 8,500 deaths per year. These common and serious types of accidents often occur at intersections with relatively high speeds with a failure to stop at red lights or traffic signs.  The seriousness of the blunt impact and injuries depend on several factors, including the speed and weight of vehicles involved.  The vehicle side impacted or t-boned is particularly susceptible to tremendous direct damage and injuries.

Rear-End Collisions Car Accident Lawyer

Rear-end collision car accidents are all too common in Queens, New York City.  They typically occur in stop-and-go traffic, whether on a local street, parkway or expressway, with varying stop-and-go traffic speeds.  Rear-end collisions are the product of distance (tailgating) and speed, couple with improper observation.  Even impacts at low-speeds notably cause serious personal injuries.  It is well documented, that low-speeds impacts, under 10 mph, can cause significant injuries to the spine (neck and back) and to the shoulders and knees, and wrists for instance.car accident

Asleep at the Wheel Car Accident Lawyer

Falling asleep or dozing off while driving  are predictable car accidents, but preventable. Almost 4% of fatal crashes across the nation involve sleeping drivers. Truck drivers are of particular concern regarding these types of crashes, as they often to work too long hours and drive long distances.  It’s common for car drivers driving on vacation or back from a long day’s work to experience sleepiness.  If this occurs, pull off the roadway and take a nap (coffee, blasting the radio or opening the windows don’t really help, according a to recent study).  Or, if you’ve been driving say for two or three hours straight, pull into a rest stop and take a break.  So, if you are driving and feel as though you may fall asleep, please pull over to the side to rest – the temporary inconvenience far outweighs the tragic consequences.

Side-Swipe Collision Car Accident Lawyer

Side-swipe collision car accidents often occur when a vehicle is either attempting to pass another vehicle and change lanes or to overtake and a pass another vehicle on either side.  Usually there is a misjudgment of distance and time that results in the impact, which can also cause a chain reaction.  Sometimes a side-swipe occurs when each vehicle is changing into the same lane as other causing a bumping side-swipe.  The forces in such collision are lateral and also vertical.  Side-swipe collisions especially on highways pose a danger of causing a chain reaction with other vehicles.

Rollover Car Accident Lawyer

Rollover car accidents may be caused by unsafe or defective road conditions or the operation of the host or adverse vehicle.  Many situations at high speed can trigger a vehicle to roll-over, and the damage and injuries can be devastating.  Vehicles of higher heights and convertible vehicles are especially susceptible to the dangerous of roll-overs and  exposure to grave injuries.  Vehicles hitting a highway divider often bounce and roll-over.  A vehicle, for instance, can hydroplane on a rainy wet surface and lose control and at a high speed strike another vehicle or divider causing a roll-over.

Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyer

Hit and Run car accidents In Queens, New York City is a serious and illegal matter. It is extremely important that those involved in a car accident hire a seasoned car accident lawyer. A driver who is involved in a car accident (with another vehicle or pedestrian), must stop and cannot leave the scene of the accident without exchanging insurance information. Leaving the scene of an accident without reporting can result in license points, fines and jail time (depending in the circumstances). If you are a commercial license driver, your license can be revoked for one year.
If you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident, regardless whether as a driver or passenger of a vehicle or as a pedestrian, you MUST contact the police and report the accident immediately and no later than within 24 hours. Failure to so report will forfeit your recovery rights. A hit-and-run accident involves a peculiar legal process, so it’s prudent to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer versed insurance coverage immediately.


Whether you are a driver, passenger or pedestrian involved in a car accident, no-fault applies.  In sum, no-fault insurance is the insurance of the car you were either a passenger in or driving that pays for all hospital and medical expenses, etc. and not your private health insurance (like Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Oxford, Aetna, GHI, etc.).

Insurance Regulation 68 (11 NYCRR 65) and its amendments is the no-fault regulations governing first-party benefits.  In brief, the time deadlines are: 45 days for submission of the notice of claim (no-fault application); 45 days for the submission of health care bills, usually by the health care providers, and 90 days for the submission of loss of earnings claim.

Article 51 of the Insurance Law governs, in addition to first-party no-fault claims, third-party claims under no-fault.  This statute is commonly known as the Serious Injury or Threshold law. It outlines the various types of injury (legal prongs), which if satisfied, entitles a claimant recovery, also for pain and suffering, which can be very significant accordingly.

Motor Vehicle Traffic Injuries are the 4th leading cause of injury related death in Queens County. Traffic crash-related injuries are the 2nd leading cause of injury related hospitalization and the 3rd leading cause for injury related emergency room (ER) visits in Queens County.  Traffic crash-related injuries are not without fault. They are not random, uncontrollable acts of fate, but occur in predictable patterns, with recognizable risk or careless factors and among identifiable populations. A traffic crash-related injury is to a great extent a predictable and preventable event!  Please drive carefully and attentively!

Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC are top rated superb Queens-New York City car accident lawyers who fight for you. They are serioous lawyers for serious money.  Don’t trust just any car accident lawyer, trust the best. 

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