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Civil litigation in New York City is basically the process by which a civil (not criminal) legal action is commenced (a lawsuit) and prosecuted and defended in a legal proceeding (judicial process) in a court of law. If you are in need of a civil litigation lawyer call the MM Law Firm and speak to a civil lawyer today.

Therefore, civil litigation is a broad in scope and nature.  It essentially covers all civil matters, as opposed to criminal (which is completely different and governed by different laws, rules and procedures) that are processed through the courts or judicial system.

For example, a buyer and seller (the parties) having a dispute involving a real estate or business transaction is a civil matter.  If the dispute is resolved between them or their attorneys, it was not litigated.  Only when the dispute cannot be resolved and a party files a lawsuit, only then is this a civil matter a litigation case and you would need a civil lawyer.

A host of matters are litigated every day in our State and Federal Courts; some aptly fit into standard cases (such as personal injury caused by a car accident or damages caused by a contract breach), while others are particular causes of action.  One can imagine the variety and extent of all civil wrongs.

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An attorney may be versed in certain areas of law but not in New York City civil litigation, which is a procedural process.  Often there is a distinction made between transactional attorneys and litigation attorneys, respectively.  There is a further distinction made for trial attorneys, who actually try the case before a jury or judge.  Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC is not only learned and experienced as transactional attorneys but more-so as premier litigation and trial attorneys.  This is an invaluable service that we bring to all of our clients in our high-caliber and aggressive representation. Contact our civil lawyer today.

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