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Intersection car collision accidents account for a large percentage of motor vehicle accidents in New York City and New York State.  Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) estimate that 35-40% of all motor vehicle accidents are intersection related.  This is particularly true for Brooklyn, NYC.

In New York, the law states that a driver has a duty to “see what there is to be seen.”  Failure to do so through the proper use of one’s senses is a negligent act in the operation of a motor vehicle.  Defenses by drivers that they did not see another vehicle until the last second or that the other car “came out of nowhere” are not viable excuses for an accident.

Common causes of intersection collision accidents include mistakenly thinking about what a driver thought the other driver would do; turning with an obstructed view, an illegal maneuver; distraction; or misjudgment of the other driver’s speed or distance speed.  The cause of an accident can also be due to a faulty traffic control device or other external factor such as a mechanical failure with the motor vehicle itself.

Intersection collision accidents can result in some of the most serious injuries in motor vehicle accident cases.  The offending vehicle is often traveling at a high rate of speed and crashes into the other vehicle which is also moving.  The collisions are head-on or side impact (T-bone).  The force of impact in an intersection collision accident is often significant and causes serious damages and injuries.  The momentum is even greater when a SUV or truck is involved given their weight.

Major roadways like Atlantic Avenue, Fourth Avenue, 86th Street, Kings Highway, Bay Parkway, Ocean Parkway, Eastern Parkway, Linden Boulevard, Flatbush Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Nostrand Avenue include a multitude of intersections.  These intersections by their very nature and configuration are venues of frequent car accidents.

MICHAEL MANOUSSOS & CO PLLC are experienced personal injury attorneys who regularly litigate intersection collision accident cases and are versed with the litany of excuses proffered by drivers who cause serious injuries in these types of accidents.  Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC are serious lawyers who represent clients for serious money.  Protect and preserve your rights and call 718-454-8888.


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