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Every day millions of Americans ride elevators and escalators, and most of them do not think twice about it. However, the shocking truth is that accidents involving elevators and escalators result in approximately 17,000 serious injuries and 30 deaths annually. Common malfunctions involve abrupt jerking, sudden drops, malfunctioning closing doors, suspended between floors, non-opening doors or doors opening at shaft openings. If you have been injured in an elevator or escalator contact the MM Law Firm to speak with an elevator accident lawyer or escalator accident lawyer today.

Common Causes Of Elevator & Escalator Accidents

Most victims of these types of accidents are workers who are involved with installing, maintaining, and repairing the machines. Often times, these accidents may cause serious injuries or death. Additionally, tenants in residential buildings and employees in office buildings are subject to malfunctioning elevators as are shoppers with escalators in malls and stores.  A short list of possible causes include:

  • Struck by elevators or counterweights
  • Struck by closing elevator doors
  • A collapsed platformelevator
  • Falling into the elevator shaft
  • Being pinned between moving parts of the machinery or doors
  • Falling or body-jerking due to abrupt and sudden movement of the elevator or escalator
  • Failing to place an elevator or escalator out of service
  • Failing to barricade or close-off from public use

Who is Responsible?

Elevator or escalator accidents may result from negligence of:

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Property Owners or management companies
  • Elevator or escalator service and maintenance companies
  • Inspection companies

It is required that elevators and escalators are routinely maintained by experienced and trained professionals. Negligent behavior of anyone listed above may result in accidents involving innocent victims and it can be a traumatic experience.  In New York City escalators and elevators are inspected by the Department of Buildings.  If you or a loved one have been hurt in an elevator or escalator accident, our esteemed attorneys will work to guide you through your recovery as we aim to get you your deserved compensation for what should have been easily prevented. Speak to an elevator accident lawyer or escalator accident lawyer today.

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