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Back injuries can not only be extremely painful, but they can severely impact one’s ability to perform their normal daily tasks independently. No matter how New York Back Injury Lawyer 2severe the injury is, every victim deserves to receive the compensation required for injuries and inconveniences sustained. The back injury lawyers at Michael Manoussos & PLLC Co will work endlessly to ensure that you get what you deserve.

Causes and Types of Back Injuries

Back injuries can be caused by a range of accidents and incidents. This includes, but is not limited to, car accidents, slip and falls, sporting events, work or construction site accidents.

There are various types of back injuries. While the types of injuries may vary, they all have the same general impact: pain and inability to move and/or independently perform daily tasks, to some extent. Don’t forget, your spine is literally the backbone for your entire body. Therefore, if your spine is injured, to any extent, your entire body and life is affected.

  • Bulging, herniated, slipped and ruptured vertebral discs
    • Bulging, herniated and ruptured vertebral discs can be extremely painful and can happen instantaneously. This type of injury happens when the soft cushion in the center of a spinal disk pushes through a crack in the bony exterior casing of the spine. While some of these injuries may cause no symptoms or agitation in the body, many times herniated discs cause a tremendous amount of pain due to the nerve damage that takes place. This can negatively impact one’s ability to perform their normal daily tasks, thus affect their financial, personal, and health circumstances. Under these circumstances, it is important that victims are properly treated. Usually, this is through medication, physical therapy, and, if needed, surgery.
  • Nerve damage
    • When most people think of the function of nerves, they often just think of physical sensations (i.e., determining if something is hot, cold, hard, soft, etc.). However, our nervous system does so much more than that. Our nervous system is involved in everything our body does from involuntary functions (such as breathing and digesting food) to motor functions (how our body and muscles move). Thus, when we experience nerve damage in our spine (which is an epicenter of nerves) the experience and effects can be truly detrimental.
  • Spinal cord injury
    • A spinal cord injury is when damage to any part of the spinal cord and/or its nerves take place. This is usually due to a sudden impact, blow or cut to the spinal cord. Often times, such spinal cord injuries result in permanent damage that can dramatically change the victim’s (and their family’s) life. These changes include severe and/or permanent loss of strength, function and physical sensation. Proper treatment can be quite expensive and include extensive rehabilitation, medication, and the use of various medical devices.
  • Strains, sprains and spasms
    • These types of injuries are very common, especially as a result of car accidents or sports. Usually these injuries result in pain, cramping, and limited mobility and use of the area affected.
  • Vertebral fractures
    • Vertebral fractures can be caused by slip and fall accidents, car accidents, or any event where excessive weight or force is placed on the spinal column. If not treated immediately and properly, these fractures can cause serious long-term health issues. In most cases, treatment involves the use of a back brace or cast for up to 12 weeks. In other cases, surgery may be necessary.

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