It’s somewhat of a cliché, but the first thing you absolutely need to do is get a lawyer.

You were in a traumatic accident and injured.

For example, your car was crashed by another driver who ran the red light and you got seriously injured. So many things are running through your mind:

-I’m hurt and in pain.

-I’m scared and confused, the police and ambulance are at the scene.

-Who pays for the ambulance and hospital?

-Will I be able to go to work?

-If I can’t work, how will I get money?

-I was prescribed pain and other medications, how do I pay for this?

-I need follow-up therapy and continued medical treatment with doctors, who pays for all of this?

-How do I take care of my kids and family?

-My car was damaged and towed.

-I need a car, what can I do without my car?

-How do I get paid for my damaged or totaled car?

-My life has changed because of this accident, it’s been like hell.

-I can’t do what I used to do because of this accident, does this matter?

-How do I hold the other driver responsible for causing this accident?

-What’s the different kinds of insurance, property, no-fault, SUM, and liability?

-What insurance is applies to my case and for what?

-What’s my injury worth?

-What’s the process to get compensated for my pain and suffering?

-How long does this take?

-How much will I get compensated?

These are just a few questions that accident victims face.  The best advice is DO NOT even attempt to deal with these issues and the insurance companies on your own.  Bad and Big mistake. You need to consult or retain ASAP a qualified personal injury attorney, period. Protect and preserve your rights and interests.

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