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Amending Police Accident Report 1

Amending Police Accident Report

Suppose you’ve been involved in a traumatic car accident and were either in the ambulance or already on your way to the hospital when the police arrive. Amending Police Accident Report 4Unless an officer comes to interview you in the emergency, your side of the story may not be reflected on the police report. There are two ways to remedy this, both of which are important when the police report does not paint a picture that is fair to you. There is a report similar to a police report which you fill out yourself (discussed here) and within a specified time period which varies from department to department, but is usually limited to three days after your accident, you can walk into the precinct that took the report and ask to have the report amended to include your statement of the facts. Most officers are more than willing to do so. If they are not, you should stand your ground and be firm but polite. Failing that, make a note of who you spoke to and when and give this information to your attorney.

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