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What To Do Right After an Accident and Injury? 1

What To Do Right After an Accident and Injury?

It’s somewhat of a cliché, but the first thing you absolutely need to do is get a lawyer. You were in a traumatic accident and injured. For example, your car was crashed by another driver who ran the red light and you got seriously injured. So many things are running through your mind: -I’m hurt and in pain. -I’m scared and confused, the police and ambulance are at the scene. -Who pays for the ambulance and hospital? -Will I be able to go to work? -If I can’t work, how will I get money? -I was prescribed pain and other medications, how do I pay for this? -I need follow-up therapy and continued medical treatment with doctors, who [...]

A Bifurcated Trial – What it Means for Your Personal Injury Case?

What is A Bifurcated Trial? In a personal injury case, depending in which county your case is brought in New York State, your action may have to be tried in two trials.  That is called a bifurcated trial.  Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC, a New York City personal injury law firm understands the ramifications of bifurcated trials and have the experience to maximize your recovery. In a bifurcated trial, the trial is broken up into two trials.  That is, the first trial is the liability phase, where only the issue of fault is tried and determined and the jury decides whether or not the defendant is liable and should be responsible for the happening of the accident or [...]

What Is a MV104

What is a MV104 Form? The MV-104 is a document which looks like a police report, but which you fill out yourself and send to the DMV in Albany. It includes all of the basic information on the police report (names, addresses, dates, times, locations, etc.), but more importantly it includes a section where you can describe how the accident occurred i.e. who ran the red light, whether there was an illegal U-turn, whether you were changing lanes or not, and so on. This document is mandatory in any accident where someone is injured or the damage to either vehicle exceeds $1,000 and the failure to file it is punishable by suspension of your license. If that wasn't [...]

Amending Police Accident Report

Amending Police Accident Report Suppose you've been involved in a traumatic car accident and were either in the ambulance or already on your way to the hospital when the police arrive. Unless an officer comes to interview you in the emergency, your side of the story may not be reflected on the police report. There are two ways to remedy this, both of which are important when the police report does not paint a picture that is fair to you. There is a report similar to a police report which you fill out yourself (discussed here) and within a specified time period which varies from department to department, but is usually limited to three days after your accident, [...]

Infant Compromise Orders

Infant Compromise Orders The court system takes a special interest in the well-being and rights of litigants under the age of 18, who are known in the law as Infant tiny hands in the crib holding onto the side of the bed, have fun grabbing it. Closeup, baby development concept photo "infants". In cases where an infant sustains an injury, the attorney is not permitted to settle the claim without court approval. The process by which that approval is obtained is known as an Infant's Compromise. There are two main objectives that the court wants to fulfill through that process: (1) verifying that the compensation received is reasonable in light of the facts of the case [...]