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Construction work and sites can be an extremely hazardous place for construction workers and bystanders alike. Due to the dangerous nature of a construction site, whether on the side of the road or in a building, it is necessary to watch out for falling objects and other hazardous surroundings at all times. Construction workers are required to execute their jobs at a high level of excellence, and bystanders are expected to exercise caution when around construction sites.

Due to the inherent dangerous nature of construction work, construction workers, in addition to common law causes of action, are afforded special protections under the Labor Laws of New York.  There may be a basis for a claim against a general contractor or owner under Sections 200, 240 and 241(6) of the New York State Labor Law, depending on the type of accident at the construction site.

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Construction workers have very dangerous jobs and are also subjected to elevation risks.  Whether you are an iron-worker, plumber, electrician, painter, carpenter, mason, sheet metal worker, pipe-fitter, welder, laborer, heavy equipment operator, etc., you are entitled to a safe environment with proper safety training and safety equipment.  The risks of injury on constructions jobs are nonetheless inherently dangerous and the laws provide for certain protections of construction workers injured on the job.

Common construction site accidents involve: crane malfunctions, falls from ladders, injuries from blade and other equipment, punch press injuries, window-washing falls, scaffold collapses and falls, electrocutions, falling objects, etc.

Special Rights for Construction Workers

  • Construction workers and laborers are protected under a New York State statute that provides legal protection to workers while working at various heights. This statute understands the possible severity of injuries resulting from a fall and that construction workers rely on employers to provide a safe working environment and safety equipment.  It is required for project owners, general contractors, construction managers, etc., to provide a safe environment and safety equipment for their workers.

Ladder & Scaffold Injury

  • Scaffold and ladder injuries are one of the leading construction site injuries, of approximately 41%. Due to the unstable nature of ladders and scaffolds, resulting injuries are a high possibility, thus the use of these appliances require great attention and caution. Workers need to make sure that ladders and scaffolds are properly installed, appropriately maintained, and sturdy enough to use.

Defective MachineryNew York Construction Accident Lawyer 2

  • Some construction sites utilize heavy machinery, which exposes construction workers to a high risk for injury. Most defective machinery accidents are a consequence of take appropriate safety precautions and/or maintain the machinery. In all cases of defective machinery, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the machinery and workers. If you are injured while using defective machinery, you may be entitled to additional compensation.

Crane Accidents

Crane accidents can occur due to a number of reasons:

  • A crane comes into contact with a power line, causing electrocution
  • Lack of extensive training and/or experience
  • Operators are unaware of machinery, people, etc. in their immediate surrounding environment
  • Instability of crane in prevailing inclement weather

Crane accidents may lead to serious injuries or death, thus it is very important to take the necessary precautions to avoid any such incident.


Construction companies, power companies, and building owners are required to obey a certain set of electrical regulations and safety standards. Failure to abide by these regulations may very well result in catastrophic injuries, permanent disability and even death. In the devastating event of an electrocution accident involving yourself or a loved one, contact us so may fight for you.

Falling Objects

Falling objects at a construction site can potentially injury both construction workers and bystanders. The inability to predict such injuries, and the fact that even the falling of a small screw driver could cause a fatality, makes these types of accidents particularly dangerous. Falling object injuries are often categorized as a wrongful death, and will often be treated as such.  Workers are also subject to falling through floors or off beams.

Our skyscrapers, office buildings, grand architectural edifices, bridges and tunnels, and infrastructure are the proud work of our construction workers.  Whether you are a laborer, iron worker, plumber, electrician, brick layer or masonry worker, plasterer or painter, insulator, welder, carpenter, sheet metal worker, pipefitter, boilermaker, machine operator, truck driver, engineer, lineman, elevator mechanic, foreman, etc., you deserve the special protections of the law to protect and fully compensate them and their families against the inherent dangers and risks of construction work.

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