No Fault Insurance IMEs (Physical Examinations)

No Fault Insurance IMEs (Physical Examinations) No-fault insurance covers the "reasonable and necessary" medical expenses of individuals involved in a car accident in NYS. But what exactly is "reasonable and necessary" and who decides it? The answer to the first question will obviously vary from case to case, but the answer to the second question is always the same: a medical professional (such as an orthopedist, neurologist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, or physiatrist) hired and paid by your insurance carrier will examine you at a time and place of their choosing. So, the examinations are not independent medical examinations (IMEs) at all. They’re physical examinations conducted by doctors designated by the insurance company from whom they get this business. The [...]

Maximizing No Fault benefits

Maximizing No-Fault benefits In addition to your reasonable and necessary medical expenses, no-fault insurance covers other reasonable and necessary expenses up to $25 per day following the accident.  There are 3 keys to maximizing the benefits you receive, that you paid for, and are entitled to: documentation, documentation, and documentation.  For example, suppose you don't own a car and have had to take a taxi back and forth to your doctor's appointments.  If you keep receipts that show the date and the amount paid, that expense can be reimbursed.  Similarly, if you drive yourself to the doctor, you're entitled to be compensated for the mileage and if you pay out of pocket for prescription medications or medical devices [...]

What is No-Fault insurance?

What is No-Fault insurance? As a result of what the insurance lobby argued was excessive litigation arising out of motor vehicle accidents, the legislature in 1974 enacted the "New York Comprehensive Automobile Insurance Act" or, in layman's terms, "no-fault insurance".  Every vehicle registered in New York State is required to have this type of coverage, which pays for "basic economic loss".  The rationale is that if an accident victim's basic needs arising from an accident are met by his insurance carrier, the amount of litigation from these types of cases will decrease.  You are entitled to these benefits regardless of who or what caused the accident (fn, drunk driving etc.).  The typical no-fault policy includes up to $50K of [...]