3 Mistakes to Avoid After Being in a Car Accident

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident With over 8 million people living in New York City it’s inevitable that many will be involved in car accidents and injured. Whether in car or truck accident, motorcycle or bicycle accident, or as a pedestrian, the statistics are telling. Over 15,000 people are yearly taken to the hospital because of a car accident in New York City, equating to generally 80 out of every 100,000 residents. Regardless of whether you were in a minor car accident or a major one, you need to seek the help of a car accident attorney in New York City to make sure your rights and interest are properly preserved and protected.  Michael Manoussos & [...]


PEDESTRIANS – WALK ALERT AND ATTENTIVE!Recent studies find an increase in pedestrian fatalities.The spike in pedestrian deaths and injuries is attributable a few factors.  Distraction by cell phones and electronic devices seems to be a prevailing cause.  Interestingly, it is not only the vehicle drivers distracted by cell phone use while driving but also the pedestrians who engage in the use of cell phones and electronic devices while walking!Pedestrians cannot assume because they are pedestrians that vehicle traffic will yield to them.  Pedestrians cannot walk (or jog) without observation and look-out.  Pedestrians cannot be oblivious to traffic around them. It’s bad enough that pedestrians are targets of unyielding turning vehicles, speeding vehicles, red-light and stop-sign disobeying vehicles (not to [...]

The “duty to see that which is there to be seen”

The "duty to see that which is there to be seen" Though not expressly stated in the VTL, Courts impose upon all drivers a duty to see that which is there to be seen.  This does not mean that a driver must see absolutely everything, but it does mean that a driver who fails to see, for example, a pedestrian crossing the street or a vehicle running a red light will likely bear some liability for the happening of a resulting accident.  This may seem counterintuitive (think, "How could I have avoided the accident? I didn't even see the guy!"), but when considered carefully, it makes perfect sense.  A driver who is keeping a diligent look-out and properly [...]

Reporting Prior Accidents

Reporting prior accidents Call it bad luck (or probability), but some individuals will end up being involved in more than one accident in their lifetime and many of those that are do not fully understand the effect that a prior injury to same body part has on their current case. It is well known that neck and back injuries are common in car accidents, particularly when the impact is forceful enough to cause whiplash. Any injury, no matter how minor and irrespective of whether you've been injured before, causes pain and suffering. If the injury arises from a car accident and is "serious", then you are entitled to recover for your pain and suffering. However, you must inform [...]