A Fight for Dignity

A pedestrian tripped on a cracked and elevated sidewalk in front of a department store in Jamaica, Queens.  The pedestrian broke her elbow, that required open reduction and internal fixation.  A driver was involved in a collision in an intersection controlled by stop signs in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  The driver injured his neck and left shoulder requiring surgery.  A consumer fell when the escalator she was riding in a Queens shopping mall abruptly stopped.  She sustained facial lacerations with scarring and a back injury.  A construction worker was severely injured when his scaffold at a Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn apartment building collapsed.  The worker broke and shattered both of his legs with crippling spinal injuries.  A pupil at a New York City public school was accosted by assailants due to lack of supervision and security.  The pupil was sexually assaulted.  A bicyclist was cut-off and struck by a speeding car in a busy intersection in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn.  The bicyclist sustained neck and head injuries including a coma.   A pedestrian was pinned by a reversing box truck on Queens Boulevard.  The pedestrian sustained internal crush injuries requiring multiple surgeries.  A passenger in an Uber vehicle was involved in a trucking accident with a tractor-trailer on the Long Island Expressway in Queens County.  The passenger sustained multiple injuries resulting in her wrongful death.

Accidents and personal injuries can change lives forever.  It’s a traumatic and scarring experience.  The financial losses keep mounting.  The pain and suffering cut deep and don’t seem to go away.

Every person is entitled to the protections of the law.  Every person is entitled to his and her dignity