How do you select a good lawyer and what do you look for in a good lawyer?

Selecting a good lawyer (just like selecting a good doctor) must be what’s best for you.  You know yourself just like you know your case, its particulars and the pain and suffering you have experienced.

As a starting point, if you’ve been injured, you need a personal injury lawyer. Period.  Not a real estate or divorce lawyer who dabbles in personal injury.  Think about it.  If, for example, you have say a heart condition, you’d have a cardiologist, not a podiatrist, care for you.  Law is like medicine with vast and various areas and specialties.  We’ve all heard of the family doctor and family lawyer, who yes provide valuable general services, but not when you need heart bypass surgery or filing a personal injury lawsuit (which insurance companies and big businesses will employ huge resources to defeat or minimize).

A good lawyer should be knowledgeable and experienced, yes.  A good lawyer should have a proven track record, yes.  A good lawyer should have integrity and ethical standards, yes.  These requirements are a given, a prerequisite.  Moreover, a good lawyer should be aggressive and a fighter for you.  Coupled with this, a good lawyer should provide responsive and personalized representation.  This is what we believe in and this is our mission.  We treat every client as a special person – and not a file number!  It is our mission to provide the highest standards of quality and service, period.  This entails being highly knowledgeable and highly experienced with proven client results.   This, moreover, is coupled with representing our client with responsive and personalized legal service, to attain the maximization of our client’s rights and interests. (maximum money compensation and financial security). This is what makes a good (great actually) lawyer.

When selecting a lawyer be mindful of the level and of the kind of representation that lawyer or firm provides.  Are you just another file number, case or client?  Will your legal matter just be processed like a factory assembly-line?  Will the lawyer be there to discuss things with you or will you be delegated to a clerk or assistant?  Will the lawyer be there to guide you through the nuisances of your legal matter?  Will the lawyer maximize the value of your case (as you’re just one among many cases)?  Will the lawyer treat you as a valued and special client?  These are important considerations.  Ask around, especially former and current clients.  Review client testimonials (not paid advertisements or commercials) and interview the lawyer.  There is a profound difference between marketing and real lawyers, real lawyers who care and are dedicated to their clients.  Make the right decision for you.

Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC is a boutique New York personal injury law firm which takes pride in its responsive and personalized client representation.  We are superb and top rated lawyers; a life member of the million and multi-million dollar advocates forum, the top trial lawyers in America; and Top 100 plaintiff’s personal injury lawyers.  If you want serious lawyers to seriously represent you for serious money, then we’re for you.