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Queens Truck Accidents Lawyer

Approximately 3,500 truck accidents happen every year in our nation, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Truck accidents can be particularly catastrophic and devastating to a victim and their family. There are several different types and causes of truck accidents, such as jack-knifing and turning collisions. These types of accidents can cause serious emotional, physical, and/or financial damages and losses. Truck accidents can specifically lead to severe back and brain injuries, or even death. Such accidents can potentially be worsened depending on the type of cargo the truck is carrying, which may range from flammable materials to heavy machinery.  Tractor-trailers and trucks are also governed by the Motor Carrier laws and regulations.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident, you may be entitled to significant compensation for injuries, damages, and/or losses that occurred as a result of the accident. Our qualified and experienced attorneys can help you get what you deserve on your road to recovery.

Common Causes

  • Fatigue Causes

    • Truck drivers are generally over-worked and under-rested. Adults, on average, require about 7-8 hours of sleep per night in order to function properly. Not getting enough rest could lead to impaired brain activity, cognitive dysfunction, hallucinations, and a multitude of other issues that directly affect one’s driving abilities. Unfortunately, truck accident statistics demonstrate that company demands are more important than truck drivers getting enough rest or the safety of them or those around them.
  • Brake Time

    • Large trucks typically have a gross weight of over 10,000 pounds. According to the laws of physics, the larger and heavier a truck is, the longer it takes for it to stop. This is particularly problematic when trucks are put in a position where they have to stop quickly, which often leads to rear-end collisions. Due to the sheer mass of trucks, rear-end collisions from trucks often lead to more devastating accidents than read-end collisions with cars.
  • Poor Turning

    • Large trucks require a lot of room to turn, more than that of a sedan or SUV. Therefore, trucks commonly take up more than one lane of traffic to turn, specifically to make right turns. Such turning difficulties may cause truck accidents.
  • Jack-Knife

    • Jack-knife truck accidents are one of the most devastating types of accidents. A jack-knife truck accident is when a truck with two separate parts (a cab and a trailer) swivel where they are linked, thus forming a 90 degree angle where the momentum of the truck pushes forward by either skidding or rolling. When this happens, there is no place for other cars to go and the results is usually a multi-car pile up, often resulting in fatalities.
  • Unsecured Loads

    • If the cargo on a truck is not secure, there is a possibility that it can fall off the truck, thus creating an obstacle course on the roadway and dangerous driving conditions for other vehicles. Unsecured cargo can also move within the truck, thus resulting in a loss of control of the truck when it turns or changes lanes.
  • Poor Maintenance

    • Trucking companies at times skimp on maintenance and or repairs.  Trucking companies are business enterprises with a focus on the bottom-line; hence, maintenance and repairs can at times go unattended.  A poorly maintained tractor trailer or truck can cause serious malfunctions that lead to accidents.  For example, missing mirrors, worn brakes or bald tires can result in devastating accidents.
  • Wheel Blowouts

    • Wheel blowouts on a truck are considerably more dangerous than wheel blowouts on a typical 4-wheel vehicle, as it can result in an immediate loss of control of the truck. This can cause flips, roll-overs, or even multi-car pile ups.
  • Obstructed Views

    • Obstructed views, particularly from delivery trucks, limits the vision of oncoming traffic and pedestrians in the area. Whether these trucks are driving or parked on the side of the road, truck accidents from obstructed views can create dangerous driving conditions and obstacle courses, which may result in serious injuries or death.

Tractor-trailers and trucks possess enormous momentum, and such crashes are devastating.  The weight and speed of a truck is its momentum.  The premier attorneys at Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC represent victims of tractor-trailer and truck accident throughout New York State and the New York-Metro area.  Whether you were injured in a tractor-trailer or truck accident on the New York State Thruway, Long Island Expressway, Turnpikes, the Interstate Highways (I-95, I-80, I-81, I-84, I-78, I-86, I-87, I-88, I-90, etc.) in New York (downstate or upstate), or in transit in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, etc., please protect and preserve your rights and call Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC for high-caliber and aggressive representation.


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