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A business tort is basically any civil wrong that deals with a business. If your business is suing or being sued you need a business lawyer.

Examples of some business torts are: business intentionally interfered by outsider, conversion, injurious falsehood, defamation (slander and libel), negligent advice causing harm, trade secret disclosed or used wrongfully, unfair competition, usury, product disparagement, tortious interference with a contract, account malpractice, fraud and deceit, negligent entrustment, property claims, contract claims.

Business torts are common occurrences in the business world involving small, medium and large corporation and companies.  It is important that when you think a business wrong has been committed, that you promptly consult with Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC as statute of limitations (deadlines) govern each respective claim or cause of action.

A claim may be submitted to mediation, which is non-binding, as a negotiation and settlement venue, if the parties agree or if mandated in a governing instrument (such as a contract or agreement).  A claim may also be submitted to binding arbitration for final resolution, either by the parties consent or by a contract or agreement mandate.  Otherwise, filing a lawsuit and litigating a claim in either State or Federal Court is a common recourse.

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