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Wrist and hand injuries are defined as any type of injury to the fingers, hand or wrists that can cause pain and/or swelling. Causes of injuries include work related injuries, sports activities, sudden falls, accidents, fights, daily use and overuse of the hands, especially if working with tools, machinery or other work related equipment. Types of injuries include sprains, strains, fractures, breaks in the skin that cause a penetrating injury, twisting, jerking, bending or jamming the limbs abnormally, burns and other related hand traumas. Such traumas may cause bruising, swelling and pain to ligaments and tendons. Severe strains, dislocations, hairline fractures and breaks to the bones may result in the need for splints, casts, surgeries and rehabilitation depending on the severity of the injury. With burns and crush related injuries from job site and vehicle accidents, these may require surgery or amputation to minimize infection.

If you have suffered a wrist or hand related injury in the New York area, contact superb rated and multi-million dollar advocate Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC for a free consultation and to fight for you.


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