Tendon and Ligament Injury Attorney

Tendons are a tough band of connective tissue that holds the bones and muscles together. They are generally able to withstand tension. They are similar to ligaments and fasciae in that all three of them are composed of collagen. Ligaments are a type of tissue that connects your bones to one another. They are often responsible for holding the two structures together and making them stable.

Tendon and ligament injuries often occur from sudden traumas. A twist, fall or blow to your body can end up causing sprains and strains in some of the more commonly used joints. Oftentimes, these injuries stem from slip and fall accidents where an individual ends up being caught off-guard and falling to the ground. Since there isn’t a lot that can be done to prevent the fall from happening, it’s inevitable that the individual isn’t going to sustain a ligament or tendon tear or strain.

Torn ligaments and tendons are one of those things that can take a lot of time to heal, especially if the tear is in one of the major joints. Depending on how bad the injury is, surgery might be required to correct the problem. Regardless of whether you are dealing with a minor tear or a severe one, you need to be aware of your rights.  Call Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC, a top rated New York personal injury law firm, for a free consultation.


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