Sprains Injury Lawyer and Strains Injury Lawyer

Sprains are a tearing or stretching of your ligaments, which are the tough bands of tissue connecting two of your bones together within your joints. Ankle sprains tend to be the most common. Strains are a tearing or stretching of the tendons or muscles. Tendons are fibrous tissues connecting your muscles to your bones.

When in any type of car accident or slip and fall, it’s quite common for you to end up with a sprain or strain of some sort. Sprains can happen when holding out your hand to prevent a fall or gripping the steering wheel too tightly during an accident. They can range from mild to severe. Some might only require a wrap and some rest, while others could require that you refrain from using the joint completely for a few weeks at a time.

While these injuries often heal on their own, they can impact your everyday life. From making it difficult to get dressed to not being able to walk around your home or even use your hand to eat, strains and sprains are something that need to be taken care of properly to heal.  Let the boutique and top rated New York City law firm of Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC evaluate your accident and fight for you.


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