Loss of Limb or Organ Injury Attorney

Some accidents can either destroy the limbs and organs or cause so much damage to the limbs and organs that their removal is necessary in order to save the victim. For example, field amputation is sometimes used on victims who have been crushed beneath heavy objects, whether because there is no other way to remove them or because there has been so much damage that amputation has become necessary. Regardless, the loss of either a limb or an organ is a serious problem that will come with a long adjustment process as well as life-long complications. For example, people who have lost a leg will have to make do with either a prosthesis or some other walking aid, which may restore much of their lost function but never be as convenient as their natural limb even with currently available technologies. Similarly, people who have lost the use of their kidneys will have to undergo dialysis, which is the artificial removal of waste from their bloodstream now that their natural systems are no longer capable of handling the problem. The loss or limb or organ has profound effects upon one’s quality of life. Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC, a boutique and top rated New York personal injury law firm solemnly, responsively and zealously represents its client to attain full justice, compensation and financial security. Michael Manoussos is a Life Member of the Million and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the top trial lawyers in America.


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