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Like their name suggests, crush injuries occur when sufficient force is placed upon a part of the human body, which is particularly common when it is caught between two heavy objects. Crush injuries can come with a whole host of complications, which range from bleeding and bruising to fractures and lacerations to crushing of internal tissues and organs. In particularly serious cases, crushing can even result in shock as well as renal failure, which happens because of the destruction of the muscles. Given these facts, it should come as no surprise to learn that the treatment process for crush injuries is both expensive and time-consuming, particularly since crush injuries can inflict great mental trauma in addition to the great physical trauma. In fact, it is not uncommon in some cases to be so severe that amputation is needed to save the life of the victim, thus creating even further ramifications in the future. Victims seeking justice and compensation for all of their suffering from crush injuries should seek out experienced personal injury attorney Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC, a top rated New York personal injury law firm and a Life Member of the Million and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the top trial lawyers in America.


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