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Often the result of excessive walking, standing, or slips and sudden jerking movements, there are various types of ankle and foot injuries that one can have. Ankle injuries can affect the ligament, bone or tendon and injuries can be caused by twisting, jerking or slipping motions. Foot injuries can be the result of equipment that’s fallen onto a foot causing a crush injury, break in the bones, swelling or sprain. This can also take place with a vehicle related injury. Such accidents may cause sprains and strains to the tendons or bone fractures. When a muscle or tendon is stretched too far, it can lead to a strain or sprain. When a bone breaks in the foot or ankle, this can be caused by a crush injury or severe trauma commonly found with vehicle or equipment related impact. Treatment for ankle strains and sprains includes rest, ice, range of motion exercises and analgesics. Treatments for fractures include splints, casts and surgeries to repair fractured bones to allow them to heal. Call Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC, superb rated New York attorneys and multi-million dollar advocate for a free evaluation.


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