Opening a claim for No-Fault benefits

A car accident is an incredibly traumatic experience, both mentally and physically.  If you’ve been involved in an accident, it is critical to contact your insurance carrier as soon as you are physically able, so your right to the insurance benefits you’ve paid for is preserved.  In spite of the fact that you’ve paid your premium on time, don’t expect sympathy or help from your insurance

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carrier.  They are in the business of collecting as many premiums as possible and paying out as few claims as possible.  To that end, your insurance carrier begins collecting information from you the moment you call and that information will be used against you.  You are under no obligation to detail exactly how the accident occurred or what body parts you may have injured and in fact, it is counterproductive to even answer these questions.  However, it is essential to open a claim.  When you call your carrier to report your accident, simply tell them (1) your policy number (which is on your insurance card), (2) that you were involved in an accident, and (3) that you’ve been injured – nothing more, nothing less.  At that point, you’ve done your job and you can move on to focusing on getting the care you need and let your attorneys, who are well-versed in these issues, take it from there.