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A house purchase should be a routine (and pleasant) process; unfortunately, however, they often turn into contentious ordeals.

Disputed real estate deals are often referred to us for litigation and resolution.   We have seen it all, and we have a special perspective as litigation attorneys.

The lesson here is to get competent counsel and sound advice from the very outset.  When you are just thinking about buying a house or an investment property, you should consult with a lawyer.  This is smart planning and preparation and it will spare you of unnecessary pitfalls.

Avoid high-pressure sales techniques to commit in writing, even a binder.  If you must, state on the binder that it is subject to the approval of your attorney in his/her discretion.  Never enter into or sign a contract without an attorney’s review and approval.  There are many particulars and nuisances, coupled with the circumstances special to the parties and the deal, that require responsive attention and solutions.

Be proactive and save your money and time.

Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC provides seasoned attorneys to interpret, negotiate and litigate insurance coverage issues.  Call us for a free consultation.  Our telephone numbers are 718-454-8888, 516-751-1032 or 800-811-3737.  You may also email us at mm@mmlaw-pllc.com.  We service New York with offices in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and Albany.


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