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If you are interested in elected office, be it local, town, county or state, complying with the election law mandates is a must. Finding a strong Queens Election Law Attorney is a must for campaign and finance rules and regulations are complex and sound guidance is required for smooth navigation.Queens Election Law

A candidate requires solid counsel on the rules and ethics of Queens election law and cannot afford to trip and fall, period.

Disputed issues are often litigated and resolved in court, be it especially with nominating petitions to invalidate a candidacy, which are critical junctions in the election process.  We provide responsive representation, be it for a judgeship or council, assembly or senate member.

It is profound in our civics that the intent and ballots of the electorate are faithfully carried out.

Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC provides seasoned New York City election law attorneys to interpret, negotiate and litigate insurance coverage issues.  Call us for a free consultation.  Our telephone numbers are 718-454-8888, 516-751-1032 or 800-811-3737.  You may also email us at mm@mmlaw-pllc.com.  We service New York with offices in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and Albany.


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