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Injury is damage to the body. It includes physical injury, and emotion and psychological injury. It is basically not being fully healthy or in good condition, as a result of an accident or wrongful incident. If you are injured in an accident, it is imperative that you hire a top-rated Queens accident & injury law firm to represent you.

Queens accident & injuries which cause disability (even partial and temporary) or even death are generally major trauma injuries. There are many types of injuries. For instance, wounds are injuries that break the skin or other body tissues, such as lacerations (cuts), scrapes, scratches, and punctures. Wounds may be accordingly treated with stiches or staple-sutures or by surgery. A common concern with wounds is the susceptibility to infection. If you experience a Queens accident & injury due to another individuals or businesses negligence, contact the MM Law Firm.

Common Queens accident & injuries involve the joints, such as the knees, elbows, shoulders and ankles, and the spinal column, such as the cervical column (the neck) and lumbar column (the back). Menisci, tendons, and ligaments in the joints are often damaged, which may require physical therapy and surgical intervention for repair. Neck and back problems are typical injuries sustained in accidents. Often the person sustains a disc herniation, which could be debilitating. The pain can be localized to the particular disc level in the spinal column and it can radiate to the upper extremities (arms) or lower extremities (legs) because of nerve compromise by the ruptured disc. A regiment of various modalities of physical therapy are usually mandated. Prescribed pain-killers and inti-inflammatory medications assist with pain management, but their addition must be monitored. Trigger point injections and epidural steroid injection (which is a surgical procedure) provide at times some extent of relief. Various surgical and advanced procedures are available to address particular spine injuries.
Sprains and strains are also common injuries. Injury to connective tissue, contrary to common perception, can be very painful and permanent. For instance, traumatic ligament laxity can have associated physical impairment and affect the person’s quality of life. A common complaint with a severe sprain or strain is that even after considerable time “it’s not the same.” This sentiment is actually supported by the medicine examining the collagen and elastin and fibers.
Fractures, broken bones are another common type of injury. Depending on the type of fracture, it may be treated with a cast or open surgery with the implantation of hardware (screws and plates).

Queens Accident & Injury LawyersThe types of injuries are extensive and the nature of the injuries are varied. What is unfortunately true is that injuries cause pain and suffering. No matter what type of injury, that injury and its affects are special to that person, who is entitled to enjoy and live life free of pain and suffering.

Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC empathizes and respects each client’s situation and represents the client with utmost personalized commitment to attain the justice and maximum financial compensation to which our valued client is entitled. We are Queens accident & injury lawyers who will fight for you, we treat you like a person not a case number. We are serious lawyers for serious money, call us. 


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