New Helmet and Jacket Make Riding a Motorcycle Safer

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, leaving the motorcyclist with serious personal injuries because the rider is completely exposed.  With the development of technology, companies are creating products that enhance rider safety, such as traction control.  Two essential motorcycle gear, the helmet and jacket, have also evolved to provide greater protection and safety with the advances in technology.

Helmet Technology

The Reevu MSX1 is a helmet with an extraordinary feature: rear-view mirror inside the helmet.  That’s right.  The helmet has a full rear-view mirror allowing a rider to see more of a range than the traditional left and right rear-side mirrors.

The back of the helmet has a large mirrored cover allowing transparency to the rear of the motorcycle…like a car.  This is the first helmet of its kind.   Don’t worry, the rear-view mirror does not get in the way of the rider’s view; it is actually located above the eye port.  So riders must consciously look upward if they intend to use it.


Airbag Jackets Technology

The Dainese Misano 1000. Unlike other motorcycle airbag jackets, the Misano 1000 has a built-in airbag and essential technology sensors to automatically know when to deploy, but the sensors activate automatically.  That’s right.  Rather than the sensors being compatible with the motorcycle, they are “compatible” with wearers allowing them to ride different motorcycles while maintaining the airbag protection.

This jacket can detect an accident on its own by wirelessly sensing movements of the motorcycle.  Upon this detection, the jacket will inflate its airbags (45 milliseconds or less) intending to protect the wearer’s chest, collar bone and back.

This helmet and jacket product advancements together with other new technological advancements give riders extra safety features in an effort to reduce motorcycle accidents.   If you or a loved one has suffered a motorcycle accident, you should contact Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC, experienced personal injury attorneys, as soon as possible.


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