Driverless Car Safety

The concept of driverless and smart cars is no longer a fantasy.  Many questions however arise concerning this safety and application given the often technological failures of glitches or snags.  Motor vehicles are enhanced with various sophisticated technologies, including communications whereby vehicles communicate with each other.

V2V Communications

Vehicle 2 Vehicle Communications is a concept in which cars and trucks wirelessly communicate with each other.   Imagine a world where all the vehicles have some sort of capability to communicate, then a problem can be identified and communicated to other vehicles nearby, and they can act in a way to avoid being part of the problem.  The picture below illustrates how V2V would work in a given situation.

Once V2V has a solid base, and developers will find a way to apply this technology to all vehicles (e.g. trucks, cars, and motorcycles).  In the near future, we may have trucks, motorcycles and cars wirelessly communicating with one another on say the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.  Let’s just hope the power does not go out.

This concept is not too fantastical.  As Dr. Purdy states in his article, the National Highway Safety Administration has several projects dedicated to short-range communications technology for V2V and vehicle-to-infrastructure.  Currently, more than 10,000 truck collisions happen every year in New York City.  V2V technology has the potential to reduce the number of accidents and save many lives if it proves to be successful.


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