What’s the job of a personal injury lawyer?  To obtain the maximum monetary recovery for the injured client.

This may sound simple or easy; but, be assured that it is not.  It requires defined knowledge and legal practice in the field of personal injury law.

A tort is a civil wrong (as opposed to criminal).  A major area within tort law is negligence law, which in and of itself is a vast and complex area of law.  A civil wrong that results in injury to the person, is called personal injury.  This is as opposed to a civil wrong that results in injury to property, business, environment, corporate profits, real estate, contract affairs, employment, etc.  Car crashes and trip-and-fall injuries, for instance, are negligence cases.

In addition, to possessing the knowledge and experience, a good personal injury lawyer needs to be versed in insurance law and regulations, for first-party and third party claims.  Furthermore, a good personal injury lawyer needs to be versed in the art of negotiations.  The relationship between insurance company and personal injury attorney is adversarial by definition.  All these skills and talents take dedication and focus to develop, nurture and to exhibit in an aggressive and professional manner of representation.

A good personal injury zealously represents clients.  That means being resourceful, persistent and fighting real hard.  It means hustle and ingenuity.  It means performing at the highest level with the utmost caliber in quality and service.

A good personal injury lawyer moreover must be a good listener and empathizer.   The lawyer must understand the injured client’s concerns and the client’s case strengths and weaknesses.  This enables the lawyer to strategize properly, maximizing the positives and minimizing the negatives.  A good personal injury lawyer must be honest and respectful with all clients.  A good personal injury lawyer will treat the client as a special person, as an individual, and not as a file number. This means personalized and responsive representation. This takes real concern and commitment for each and every client.

The sum of all of these skills and traits makes for a good personal injury lawyer.  The motto of Michael Manoussos & Co PLLC, which prides it as “Serious Lawyers for Serious Money”, is Power*Trust*Success.