Don’t Complain, Just Vote For Change

As election season is gearing up, it is our civic responsibility to exercise our right to vote. Most of us won’t and most of us won’t really know how we’re voting. This is a statistical truth. But be super cautious, because we live with our results (either by not voting or voting without really knowing). This is true and especially more so with regard to regional and local elections.MM_Law_Vote

The officials and judges we elect basically shape and define the type of community in which we live. Think about your neighborhood and local issues. Think about your taxes, school board, the
police and public safety, zoning, economic development and neighborhood programs, businesses and jobs, the legal system, etc., etc..
So, the next time it’s time to vote, please take some time to learn what the candidates for city council, county legislator, district attorney, state assembly and senate and judgeships (family court, district court, county court, supreme court) believe and stand for. By-pass catchy sound bites and labels (which the media loves to sensationalize) and look into the merits. You’d be surprised between style and substance. These elected offices have profound and direct impacts upon your lives.
Stop complaining and do something about it – vote! – and vote smart!