10 Common Mistakes To Avoid After an Accident

Accidents can happen at anytime and to anyone; they do not discriminate.  If you are a victim of an accident the last thing you want is to make an innocent mistake after your accident that hurts you even more.  Accident victims usually find out about their mistakes after they have made them when the consequences may not be able to be undone.

Here are ten after-an-accident common mistakes:

-Failure to call the police to the accident scene, report or document the accident (to the extent possible)

-Failure to obtain information of witness(es) or take photos of the accident scene, especially if a transient dangerous condition (to the extent possible)

-Failure to seek immediate or reasonably prompt hospital and or medical attention (“I thought it would go away” or “I’ll tough it out”)

-Failure to follow your doctor’s orders and keep your appointments

-Failure to hire an experienced and responsive personal injury attorney

-Failure to inform your lawyer of any changes or updates concerning your medical treatment, condition, etc.

-Failure to inform your lawyer of any past injuries or lawsuits (or other pertinent information)

-Posting details of your case or injuries online (social media)

-Discussing your case with the wrongdoers or their insurance companies

-Signing documents or papers relating to the accident and your case without first obtaining your lawyer’s approval

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