Why You Should Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Why You Should Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident Conventional wisdom has it that if you're ever in a situation where you are rhetorically contemplating the question "should I call a lawyer?" the answer is invariably "yes." As amusing as that anecdote might be, the truth is there are numerous situations in life where the advice of a qualified attorney can not only be vital to your financial well-being, It can also prevent you from [...]

Protecting Yourself with the Right Car Insurance Coverage

Everyone knows that the minimum liability coverage for car insurance in New York is $25,000.  Insurance is protection.  For example, if you are a distracted driver and struck and injured another driver or pedestrian, your car insurance will compensate the accident victim, up to your policy limits ($25,000 is the bare minimum required in New York).  An insurance company is a financially responsible entity, and the public policy behind mandating insurance coverage for motor vehicles is [...]

3 Mistakes to Avoid After Being in a Car Accident

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident With over 8 million people living in New York City it’s inevitable that many will be involved in car accidents and injured. Whether in car or truck accident, motorcycle or bicycle accident, or as a pedestrian, the statistics are telling. Over 15,000 people are yearly taken to the hospital because of a car accident in New York City, equating to generally 80 out of every 100,000 residents. Regardless [...]

Why you ought to have a superb personal injury lawyer in New York City

Why you ought to have a superb personal injury lawyer According to "Motor vehicle traffic injuries Queens County Residents 2005-2007", car accidents are third in rank amongst the leading causes of injury-related deaths in Queens. It's crucial to have a reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you if you reside in New York City as the chances of getting knocked down by a car are very high. Census statistics show that more than [...]