10 Tips on Courtroom Decorum and Behavior

Etiquette is important in making a good impression.  This is particularly true in a court of law, where your behavior and demeanor are judged.

Here are 10 tips:

Tip 1: Dress appropriately; that means conservatively (dress shirts, dress slacks, dress jacket, dress skirt).  Sunglasses, hats, excessive jewelry, heavy make-up should be

avoided and visible tattoos should be covered.

Tip 2: Arrive on time; do not be late.  It is an insult to the Court to have to wait for you.

Tip 3: Be prepared to go through security; avoid carrying clutter or unnecessary items that would set-off the metal detectors.  Never bring any weapons or illegal drugs of any kind to the courthouse.

Tip 4: Treat everyone (court officers, clerks, secretaries) with respect, saying thank you and please.  Be professional.

Tip 5: Do not chew gum; do not eat or drink in the courtroom; breaks for snacks and drinks can be taken in the courthouse cafeteria or outside.

Tip 6: Turn off your cell phone! Period.

Tip 7: Put away newspapers, books, tablets, cameras, smart phones in the courtroom.

Tip 8: Address the Judge as “Your Honor”.  Do not address the Judge as Sir or Ma’am.

Tip 9: Speak politely and in a controlled manner; do not use slang or street language.

Tip 10: Do not make any facial gestures or other hand signs.

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